How can Overseas book a plot in NCP


New City Paradise Overseas investors can buy an affordable and luxurious residential investment. Moreover, the developers are willing to make it a feasible option for residential and commercial assets. Most importantly, the overseas block will soon be available in the community, increasing the rate of overseas investment in the community. In addition, there will be world-class features and facilities that will help maintain a high-quality lifestyle. Most importantly, all overseas investors will access all basics and luxurious amenities. Lastly, the blog will cover all the details of how overseas can buy a property in the community.

New City Paradise Overseas Block

New City Paradise overseas block will soon be available in the community. Moreover, the overseas block will have world-class lucrative features and services available in the community. Furthermore, the developers will make several plot sizes to make a choice easy for all investors. Overseas assets are always in need of making a trustworthy and long-term investments. Most importantly, the basics and high-end commodities will be available in the community to enhance the living standards of the country’s overseas assets. The speculated dimensions available will be:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal


Documents Required to Book a Plot

Documents are a mandatory aspect of booking a plot. Moreover, thorough research is compulsory to make a viable and sustainable investment at New City Paradise Overseas block. Furthermore, the one factor all investors must look into is guidance. Most importantly, finding the proper direction at the right time is the right of all overseas investors. Therefore, asking for help from a professional realtor will be beneficial and profitable. Lastly, these documents are mandatory to kick-start the process.

  • NICOP is mandatory for the overseas investors
  • Two latest Passport size pictures
  • National Identity Cards Two Copies
  • Next to Kin Id Cards Copies


New City Paradise Overseas block will be the best and one of its kind investment opportunity for all. Moreover, several world-class features and facilities will be available to enhance overseas investors’ lifestyles. Furthermore, the developers are willing to make it the ideal stop for the country’s overseas investors. The legal status will be cheery on the cake as overseas investors cannot check the situation daily. Therefore, the legitimacy factors will be the most attractive feature of the housing complex.

The right and optimal guidance are mandatory when making a long-term investment.

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